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Our Ministries

We Have Something for Everyone

At Elbethel Baptist Church, we believe a healthy church community is an active community. Take a look at our many opportunities to take part in learning and growing together.

Women's Ministry Elbethel Baptist Church Milledgeville

Women's Bible Study
Every Monday @ 530

Our Women’s Ministry at ElBethel Baptist Church is a place with different activities for the

women to engage. We provide Women’s Bible Study each Monday, Annual Women’s

Conference and fellowship outside the four walls of the church. It is important for women’s growth and knowledge in the Word of God to be better equipped for the things we are faced with. We need to know how to apply the word of God in our lives to fight off the schemes of the enemy. We are reminded that She is strong- Isaiah 40:31, She valiant-2 Samuel 13:28 and She is enough-Proverbs 31:25. What a better way to grow in Christ by engaging in a weekly Bible Study.

Our Women’s Ministry not only provides sound biblical teaching but there are some benefits

for joining.

1. Support and Stimulation: Women often understand each other’s life experiences and

can provide support to each other. Often times these women will encourage each other

and empathize with each other as well as attempt to live out the scriptures we study.

2. Fellowship and Friendship: Everyone desires acquaintance. Fellowship within the

women’s ministry especially the bible study group provides camaraderie and allies we

connect with over common interests that start with God’s Word. We have discovered

women will become our cheerleaders to cheer us on and celebrate our victories. We

also encounter times when we mourn with each other and also in times of grief and

sorrow. All this comes from growth and love for each other.

3. Accountability and Acceptance: Being connected to a women’s ministry affords the

opportunities to interact with women who will help hold you accountable with love and

compassion. The ministry also helps inspire each other to continue growing as we

accept each other as we are.

For more information, please contact Verdine Young.

Mens Ministry Bible Study Elbethel Baptist Church Milledgeville

Men's Bible Study
Every Other Tuesday @ 630

This study helps men to understand God’s word in a setting that promotes brethren love. Men are accountable for spiritual leadership within their families, yet each person is ultimately accountable to God for his or her own life. Prov 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. NLT.” To sharpen a piece of iron, you don’t rub it against gold or silver—you rub it against another piece of iron. To sharpen himself, a man needs to rub shoulders with another man. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, our motto is “Strong Men in difficult times.” We meet on Zoom every other Tuesday at 6:30pm.

Young Adult Bible Study Elbethel Baptist Church Milledgeville

Young Adult Bible Study
Every Other Thursday @ 6

Want to get your youth or young adults involved in an interactive expansive ministry that teaches them how to use and apply the Bible to their daily lives? Well reach out and get the link for the Bible Study. Currently, the group will meet virtually and taught by one of our energetic and knowledgeable teachers! Want to check it out, let us know! 

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Elbethel Baptist Church

Youth Ministry

The purpose of the Youth Ministry is to minister to the spiritual, educational and recreational needs of all youth that attend Elbethel Baptist. The Youth Ministry meets monthly and for special occasions throughout the year.

Royal Ambassadors Milledgeville Ga Elbethel Baptist Church

Royal Ambassadors
Every 4th Saturday @ 11

This ministry is for boys and teenage guys from 8-19 years old. Our pledge is: “As a Royal Ambassador I will do my best: To become a well-informed and responsible follower of Christ -- To have a Christ-like concern for all people -- To learn how to carry the message of Christ around the world -- To work with others in sharing Christ --To keep myself clean and healthy in mind and body.” We meet at the church on the Saturday before the 4 th Sunday at 11am. While ministering is our focus, the program encourages educational success, civic engagement, leadership and character building. Our meeting includes recreation and refreshment.

Sunbeam Club Milledgeville Ga Elbethel Baptist Church

Sunbeam Club

The purpose of the Sunbeam Club is to encourage the girls to cultivate a relationship with Christ, to create friendships within the club and to foster better relationships with their families. We teach that the most important relationship they will have, is with God. Not only do they learn about spiritual wellbeing but also about mental and physical wellbeing. We discuss real life problems and find solutions by applying the written Word of God. Not only do they have fun learning God's Word but they also have fun with the activities and outings the leaders plan. As Sunbeam Club leaders, our mission is to present a solid foundation for the girls to build their life on, so that, they will understand that Jesus Christ is the way and that God loves them even when they make mistakes. Matthew 5:14 "You are the light of the world..."We usually meet at ElBethel on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 12 noon. Please join us! Younger girls and teenage girls are welcomed! 

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Men's Ministry

The purpose of the Our Men's Ministry is to form a fellowship of Christian men toward the end of redeeming humanity back to God and utilizing shared experiences toward the aim of helping each other move from faith to faith in the daily Christian experience. The ministry further aims to guide participants in Christian service, through their gifts, to make a difference in the world, particularly by sharing the message of Jesus Christ with others. All men are invited to join.

Church Christian Ministry Business Card in Blue White Photocentric Simple Stained Glass Cr

Mission Ministry

We are a ministry that reaches out to those who are disadvantaged in the community. We provide services through various programs and activities monthly. We would love for you to join!
The Mission Ministry is  group of us that come together. We go out and visit the home bound, partake in communion with them, and tend to the flock that we don't always see in church.  

Worship Ministry Elbethel Baptist Church Milledgeville

Worship and Arts Ministry

Our responsibility is to set the atmosphere during worship and make it conducive for God’s presence; giving Him nothing but our best. Currently we have a Praise Team, The Gospel Choir, and our Praise Dance Team.

elbethel health ministry Milledgeville ga

Health and Wellness Ministry

The ElBethel Baptist Church Health & Wellness Ministry's mission is to promote the health, healing, and wellness of our church family and the surrounding community. This mission is rooted in the belief that we are to minister to the whole person, as the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected. Activities include weekly workouts and mediation classes along with annual health fair involving various community partners to share health education.

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