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More Than a Church

A Welcoming Church in the Heart of Milledgeville

The history of the ElBethel Baptist Church can be traced back to 1897. In 1906, Rev. T.C. Carr along with Dea. J. H. Hill, Dea. Marshall Griggs, and Dea. J.L. Lawerence purchased 1/8 of an acre on North Wilkinson Street for $1.00 (one-dollars). The original name of the church was Oak Lawn and the name was changed between 1897 and 1905. This church building on Wilkinson Street was burned on November 27, 1917; the local newspaper reported that the church was valued at $1000.00 and there was not any insurance. 

On July 22, 1918, there was a collective effort to purchase the property where the church is located today. Dea. Eli Barnes, Dea. Horace Jordan, and Dea. C. Barnes carried out the purchase of 1/8 of land on Irwin Street for $90.00. We are thankful to the early saints of this church for their tireless efforts to continue on in spite of trials and tribulations. In addition to Rev. Carr, here are the known pastors that served the church.

Pastoral History of Elbethel

Rev. Charlie Reese 1918-1920
Rev. Daniel 1920-1925 

Rev. T.T. Ball 1932-1933 

Rev. Brooks 1933-1937

Rev. Mark Reeves 1938-1939

Rev. Paul Roberts 1939-1978

Rev. T.O Rockmore 1979-2021

Rev. Julius Trawick 2022-Present

 Under Rev. Rockmore’s leadership, the church has expanded in many areas. Current auxiliaries are the Deacon Ministry, Deaconess, Mother Ministry, Usher Ministry, and three choirs. Other ministers are the Sunday School, Media Ministry, Sunbeam Club, Royal Ambassador, Bible Study, Women’s Bible Study, and Men’s bible Study.

In 2009, the members of ElBethel took on the greatest challenge of our existence. We decided to build a new sanctuary that would be three times the size of the existing one. The project would take twelve months. While the building project was in progress, we had regular service at the Union Bapt. Church on Clark Street on the 1st and 3rd Sunday and the Sunday School met at the Boys and Girls club every Sunday. Church meetings were held at Lee Chapel and the auxiliaries met at the church’s rental house. In 2011, the 1st Sunday of the year, we entered the new building. All praises go to our God who brought us through.

Our focus and mission is to be the church that honor God, preach Christ’s crucify, one that build relationship between God and man, and the church that is actively spreading the gospel daily both in words and deeds to the whosoever’s will. 

Deceased Deacons

Dea. Deasmore    Dea. Joe Hood    Dea. Andrew Carpenter

Dea. Ike  McGriff    Dea. Shed Banks    Dea. John Key

Dea. Square Barnes    Dea. Elijah Barnes.   Dea. Dennis Tolbert, Sr.

Dea. Glenza Wray    Dea. Carl Harden    Dea. Warren Hicks

Dea. Early Kelsey    Dea. John H. Roach, Sr.    Dea. John H. Hill

Dea. Harry Overstreet    Dea. Willie Young, Sr.    Dea. Arthur Johnson

Dea. Allandis Jones    Dea. Joesph Simmons    Dea. John H. Roach Jr.

Dea. Curtis Davis

 Former Deacons

Dea. Marion Baymon
Dea. Lastarza Thomas

Current Deacons

Dea. Willie Young Jr.

Dea. Michael Simmons

Dea. Benny Young

Dea. Larry Dixon

Dea. Gerald Jackson

Dea. Lenwood May

Dea. Freddie Parks

Dea. Melvin Baymon Sr.

For 126 years, we have survived and thrived. You see our glory but you don’t know our story. The road has not be easy, there has been ups and down, we stand before you blessed, joyful and humble, Because now we understand that Jesus stands with us ----so when we are led, we continue to share our story and we give God all the glory!

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