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Vision 2024 Elbethel Baptist Church Growth and Expansion


Growth is the 1st Pillar of our 2024 Vision here at Elbethel. Growth can be seen in many different ways. Here at Elbethel, not only are we growing in the physical but we are focused on spiritual growth.


Service starts with one thing, discipleship. As we grow and expand, we are building and training disciples, not just blind followers. We have many studies weekly that will help us grow. Check out our schedule.


Expansion is our second pillar of the 2024 Vision at Elbethel. And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory..." We are expanding outside of the four walls and into our community.


Outreach is just that. We are reaching out. We are reaching out to those that not only need physical help, but may be looking for spiritual assistance too. Along with outreach we are looking to evangelize, and take Jesus outside of the four walls.


Excellence is the adjective we use to describe everything that we strive to do at Elbethel. As we delve into 2024 we are looking to do excellent things in the community and be excellent in our service to our Lord and Savior.


Now that we have talked about serving, discipling, growing, and expanding, it's time to talk about worship. Worship is our response for not only what God has done, but for what we expect him to do. We aim to grow and expand our worship in 2024. Want to learn more? Join us!

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